Laboratory Oven & Pharmaceutical Ovens

Laboratory Oven & Pharmaceutical Ovens

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Pharmaceutical Laboratory Ovan


1. Dimension for working area Any size as per customer requirement.
2. Material of oven construction Inner & Outer chamber Stainless steel 304/316/mild steel (MS CRCA) or any type of materials as per customer requirement.
3. Working temperature range From Ambient to 6000 C max.
4. Heater  source Electricity, Diesel, Gas Thermic oil & Steam.
5. Electric  Voltage 440V / 380V / 50HZ / 3PH ,                                   230V/Single phase 50HZ / 60HZ.
6. Heating Elements SS304 310/316 Tubular heating elements, open elements Nichrome wire N80/20 heating element & KANTHAL  A1.
7. Trays As per customer specification MS Angle with mesh, perforated sheet SS304/MS, Suitable for oven internal dimension.
8. Exhaust Automatic or Manual Automatic  forced air exhaust system or Pneumatic cylinder system, manually adjusted dumper with fresh air  inlet.
9. Air Circulation for Uniform temperature Centrifugal Fan or Impellor.
 10. Insulation for the Oven walls Based on temperature  High-density Ceramic wool blanket, Low density rock wool .
11. Gasket for door   Silicon gasket, Ceramic Rope.
12. Paint for Outer body Enamel Hammer tone Paint, Duco paint,  Epoxy Coating & Powder Coated as per customer requirement.
13. Trolley Stainless Steel 304 Mild steel Angular structure with Base frame.
14. Electrical Control Pannel PID based, Auto Control, PLC panel,  Advanced features with customer specification Electrical Control Panel set.

Features as per below:-

  • Most Hot air circulates inside oven. High Efficiency and Energy.
  • We have fixed baffles air distribution plate inside the oven. Which could guarantee the materials  could be uniformly dried.
  • Low Noise and balance operator automatic, adjustable drying compact structure.
  • Wide application , it could be used as various materials dryer.

Laboratory Oven, Pharmaceutical Ovens, Industrial Oven Manufacturers

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